Medieval family motto week continues!

Denise Poncher has a kitty by her family crest and a zombie-like figure of death in her prayer book. We don’t know her family motto precisely, but might be something like “Death always comes knocking, so be bold right meow.”

Medieval family motto week continues!

While we don’t know the mottos of Margherite Crohin and Lois de la Fontaine, we do have brightly illustrated pages of many family coats of arms.

Margherite’s appear on the left, and Lois’ appear on the right. Romantic!

Medieval family motto week continues!

"Where there is God there is peace and love" and "It is brave not to be perturbed in tribulation" —Translated Mottos of the Gualenghi-d’Este family

The couple had this illuminated manuscript made on the occasion of their marriage. Their two family mottoes appear on this page.

Their two sons came from one of Orsina’s previous marriages. Did their family mottoes stem from the trials of blended family life? We can only speculate.

Medieval family motto week continues!

"Vie à mon desir." —House of Simon de Varie. 

Cleverly his motto is an anagram for his name, and it so humbly translates to "Life according to my desire." He was a nobleman at the court of King Charles VII of France in the late 15th century.

Seems like somebody you might not want to invite to dinner.

Full page here.

Families in the Middle Ages often boasted clever mottos.

"Arte et marte!" (Art and war!) —House Derrer

This week, in keeping with our Game of Thrones-themed looks at art history, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite clever and cunning family tag lines, which resonate with the houses in Westeros. Stay tuned!

The Fifth Generation, Friedrich Derrer, about 1626-1711, Unknown illuminator. J. Paul Getty Museum.

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